Historic Photo Gallery

Cows from Brooklands Farm

A. R. Steward Boots & Shoes, Gordon House, High Street

Harold Barker shoe menders shop 1920’s. H. Clarke & Co. Estate Agents, Ellen Spurgeon butcher all in thatched premises

United Bus Company – c1920. Guaranteed to start but not to arrive!

T. L. Wakelin Estate Agency and Mundesley bookshop – c1905

George Twigg watchmaker, Amber seller and Estate Agent by Barn Row

A. J. Haggith, Post Office & General Stores, Osborne House

Norton T. Wakelin’s Post Office. Miss Burpit’s school @ Ivy Farm House 1910. N . T. Wakelin was Postmaster over 40 years

Station Road, entrance to coal yard on the right

George E. Frostick, family butcher established 1897

George Frostick on a delivery to Royal Cottages

Alfred Bensley, delivering coal to Royal Cottages

R. Burton bakery, Marlborough House – c1930, note Policeman on point duty

Melbourne House, Alfred Larter, staff and delivery van – c1930

Cromer Road 1925. Arthur Perry boot and shoe repairer on the right

Mundesley Garage


Arthur Twigg’s milk delivery van, with Hazel at the wheel

Jacob Allen with daughter Olive in Webster & Bell delivery van

Brook Cottage – Emma Rudram’s shop – c1925

Bathing Machine

Brick Kilns – c1910

The Grand Hotel – c1920

The Continental Hotel – c1950

All Saints Church – c1900

All Saints Church – c1905

Signal Box at Mundesley Station, signalman Mr. Hewitt

Mundesley Station (1898-1964). Three 600ft platforms with through trains to Cromer (1906-1953). Five holiday camping coaches on right of picture

Mundesley Station, last train leaves on up side of the line 3rd October 1964

Bus Station, Cromer Road – c1950

Townend, showing The Manor Hotel stairway to private promenade on the beach

The Manor Hotel, Beach Road

War Weapons Week during 1939-45 war

High Street, front of Gold Park – c1950.

Townend 1897, R. Burton baker and a performing bear. Melbourne House and Methodist Church under construction in the background.

Ship Hotel – c1910.

Lifeboat Inn (Hotel) – c1914.

The Dell showing wartime defences and former offshore lifeboat house. The Lifeboat was removed 1895.

Cliff and beach looking east – c1900.

Mill Pond and Water Mill – c1905.

Fire brigade pumping out following the 1953 floods

Graham House, Beach Road

Graham House, Beach Road

28 Responses to Historic Photo Gallery

  1. terry jones says:


  2. Pauline Nearney says:

    Absolutely wonderful to see.

  3. Geoff King says:

    It’s great to see these photos of the past and its sad to think what these modern times have done to this beautifully village

    • mundesleyvisitoradvice says:

      Yes, times move on, Mundesley is still a great place to visit and live.

      • Dorothy Millard says:

        It’s nothing like it was…it has been completely spoilt, as modern times, buildings, social changes and corporate greed, encroach on its innocence. I expect this will be removed

  4. John Riley says:

    I lived in mundesley in the mid 1950s and wondered if any one had any photos of the Institute which was situated next to the Coronation hall

    • mundesleyvisitoradvice says:

      Small picture of The Institute added to ‘Historic Photo’s.

      • Vince Gosling says:

        I’m looking for photos looking out of Gold Park towards the high street, I have been told there was a nursery called “Fairfields or Gotts” prior to the estate being built circa 1980. Any info, photos would be much appreciated.

  5. obsads says:

    great post , unique and informative. likes

  6. Alan lake says:

    Excellent photos ,I was stationed at the RAF station (Trimmingham) ,for 3 years before I was demobbed, great times ,most welcomed with the people from Mundesley, would be very interested if there was anybody ,with any photos of the old camp,once again great pics .

  7. gordon beckett says:

    The Withers in the lifeboat hotel included Ellen Withers my great great grandmother.

  8. John Hall, (of Clay Cross, Derbyshire) says:

    One of my fondest memories in 1959/60 was the Derbyshire school’s camp in a farmers field close to the village. I was one of a large group of 13 yr old schoolchildren arriving in a specially chartered special steam train at Mundesley Station and as we walked to the camp field, along a lane, I seem to remember a large white building (possibly a mill or a farm building).
    I wonder what it all looks like today ??

  9. Mark Harris says:

    Seeing the photo of the soldiers in front of the Lifeboat Inn made me wonder about evidence of the army at Mundesley during ww1. My grandfather spent a lot of time there with the Royal Garrison Artillery.

    • Terry Jones says:

      There is a bit about the forces in a book called “A Norfolk Boyhood” by Lawrence Gane-Inge. some Mundesley Scouts acted as runners, message boys etc., for a mock invasion exercise.

  10. John Pearce says:

    I am a member of Mundesley Golf Club but despite many searches I am unable to find a map of the original layout of the 18 holes which existed until the Second World War when the land was claimed by the War Department.
    Designed with the help of one of the sport’s legends, 6-times Open winner Harry Vardon (1870-1937) surely there must be a record of the layout somewhere?
    Does a map exist? Is there a record of the old score card for that course?
    Any information relating to this would be much appreciated.

    • Incony says:

      OS Maps only show the site, not the layout, so no luck there. Britain From Above didn’t take any images of Mundesley, so no luck there either The only view i have found which may give a knowledgeable golfer a clue, id the 1946 RAF aerial map of Norfolk, which at least shows course features at the close of WW2, when not all the layout had been erased…http://www.historic-maps.norfolk.gov.uk/mapexplorer/

  11. Catherine Shilling says:

    Is it possible to get copies of some of the photos?

    • mundesleyvisitoradvice says:

      Hi Catherine,

      Sorry we cannot supply copies of the ‘historic’ photos, but you can print them yourself.
      If used commercially please credit ‘The Eric Reading Collection’.

      John Whitby, for MVAC

  12. Michael Donovan says:

    As a young boy I lived with my family at briarcliffe holiday flats on seaview road in the early 1950,s. I have very fond memories and have returned for family holidays over the years.

  13. Graham bensley says:

    Does anybody have a copy of Eric Reading’s A4 book? I lent my copy to someone and have never had it returned. I would like to copy one of the photographs of my great great grandfather, William Bensley, who is pictured on the water cart, pulled by a mule, with his bowler hat, white beard and clay pipe, around 1900.
    please ring Graham Bensley on 097779714657.

  14. Jasmine says:

    Do you have any more information regarding the offshore lifeboat as mentioned in the image?

  15. John Bennett says:

    As a child in the 1950s I spent holidays with the Peggs in Sheringham, and the husband (Kitchener) was a fisheries inspector and he’d take me on his rounds to measure the crabs being brought ashore, including Mundesley. Lovely village.

  16. Alison Skipper says:

    My Father Ronald Skipper 1926 – 2021 and his Sister Dorrie 1925-2021 were both born in Victoria Cottages, Mundesley. It is nice to see old photos from when he was young. He told me that his Father was a member of every club including the golf club which he really enjoyed. We also had other relatives living in the village. Ron lived in Norfolk his whole life but his sister emigrated to America after WW2.
    I may visit to look round soon.

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